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Clarity, Simplicity, Silence

December 3, 2019

Now is the time of fresh starts.

This is the season that makes everything new. 

December has the clarity, the simplicity, and the silence

you need for the best fresh start you need.

~ Vivian Swift ~



The daylight hours are waning.  The stars glisten bright in the cold night air.  The earth lets out a sigh or maybe a big yawn as her children head towards their winter slumber.  The land quiets as it is blanketed with sound-softening snow.  The animals are called to their dens to rest and hibernate.


This call of nature beckons us to do the same.  We are also called to go within, to enter into our own introspection, to sleep a little longer, to dream a bit deeper.  What seeds did we plant so long ago that we were able to harvest in the autumn?  What patterns can we allow to drop away like fallen leaves in the forest?  What goals and plans need tending so they are ready to grow in the sunshine and rain filled days of spring?  What new ideas need feeding and turning like fertile compost?


Life is filled with cycles such as these. Nature and her clarity, simplicity, and silence invites us to align with her energies.  In doing so, we come into balance and harmony with our self, life and others.

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