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Thinking small must end!

April 16, 2019


"Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the ocean."
Thich Nhat Hanh


Imagine being a wave in the largest, most immense body of water on the earth and thinking you are this small, singular, independent, unconnected movement of water. 


We, as humans, do this all the time!  We believe ourselves to be insignificant, isolated, invisible individuals.  Even the words I unconsciously chose for this description all begin with "I".  Believing we are all alone (a lone), or a single drop in the ocean that doesn't matter, we contract, pull away, and hide our own immense power and beauty, not only from the world, but from ourselves as well.  We poo-poo our dreams, our artistic endeavors, our own happiness, and the list goes on...  We let our fears, doubts, insecurities determine who we our and how we act in the world.


What if, just for a moment (to start), we could expand into the beauty and wonder of the person we really are, the person that loves to create, and risk, and go for the more?  What if we could embody the power of the ebb and flow of energy that is always right there? 


Okay, maybe imagining you are as big as the ocean is a little too far fetched to begin with.  I get it.  Life can toss us to and fro and we end up feeling pretty powerless. 


Imagine then that you are a surfer and your new mantra is "the bigger the wave, the better the ride."  Feel yourself paddle away from the shore into the deep waters.  Feel yourself sitting on your surfboard, the one you picked out just for you.  (Mine happens to be the beautiful shade of deep purple with hot pink snakes on each side.)  You are listening to the ocean's movement with every cell of your being, feeling her pattern, her voice and body language.  you are building your relationship with her.  All of a sudden, she speaks and you jump up on your board.  This wave is yours.  This is your ride.  Feel the joy and exhilaration as you commune with her power.  You are the ocean in this moment and you are the wave as well. 


This is life!  Sometimes the waves are ours.  Sometimes we fall off our boards and the waves toss us about.  And, we get back up on our boards, vulnerable and courageous, and paddle out to hear her voice again.


Know you are the wave and the ocean and live from that embodiment!

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