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Vulnerability is the First Step Towards Authenticity

May 6, 2017

We often times stifle our authentic self to fit in without realizing it.  We invent variations of selves to present in different situations so we feel like we belong.  Think about it for a moment...  Is the person you present at work the same as the one who spends time around family?  Is the version of you at school the same as the one who goes to the gym, church, or out with your friends?  How much of your authentic self do you show in any of these situations?

When we hide our authenticity, we also suppress our creativity, ingenuity, and self-awareness.  Our true beauty, power, knowledge, and shininess is denied. 

The truth is our identity is fluid and constantly moving.  Choosing to be authentic is an act of a Warrior that requires courage.  Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and present in the moment with our feelings is the foundation of this courage.


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