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Path to Healing

May 6, 2017


If you have found yourself on this page, you may have experienced a trauma in your life. You may have lived through being sexually abused as a child or had some kind of birth trauma.  Or maybe you were abandoned, humiliated, bullied, or raped. Maybe you are scared of spiders, flying, or public speaking.  Or PTSD or some form of addiction haunts you. 


I would like to honor each and everyone of you for your creativity and resilience that allowed you to survive these events.  Maybe banged, bruised, and wounded, but here.  If you are still experiencing these old stories and pain tapes, know 'that  was then, and this is NOW'!


Hypnosis can assist you in accessing your subconscious mind, the part of our mind that communicates with us via pictures and metaphor, stories and symbols.  The subconscious mind houses our memories, habits, and patterns, both positive and negative, as well as our creativity, intuition, self-healing abilities, and untapped talents. 


Do you have a pattern, self-concept, habit, or behavior you would like help in changing?



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